ANDREW WHITE - CarpLife Director

'I started CarpLife Products in 2017. Running the company & family life take up most of my time & I don't get on the bank as much as i'd like. When I do get out it's generally to wind down, relax & think of new products! I'm also part owner of a fishery with 2 waters & I love seeing others catch our fish, so we can monitor their progress & condition, as much as I enjoy fishing for them myself.'


ADAM PENNING - Brand Ambassador

'I only realised the other day that my carp fishing has now touched into five decades. That made me feel very old! 

I’ve worked in the angling industry since 1996 and currently earn a crust by writing, filming and doing guided angling trips. 

I live and breathe carp angling and even if I was going to a lake full of doubles, I still wouldn’t be able to sleep the night before! That to me is the essence of fishing - child like excitement and awe at the magic and mystery. Even today, if I catch say, an eighteen pounder, I look at it and think ‘that’s a big fish!’ and that I think, is the reason I still love it more than ever. I’m delighted to form this new association with CarpLife Products. The brand is young, exciting and full of potential! If I see you on the bank, mine’s an Earl Grey. Be lucky!’



'I started fishing around five years old. My dad would take me with him whenever he could. I started with a float and slowly progressed, working my way through feeder and tip fishing until I discovered Carp fishing around the age of 11. I now fit my fishing around a busy work & family life. I normally manage one or two mid week overnighters, it’s not easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way!'

PB Common 42lb 8oz  

PB Mirror 40lb 2oz

Instagram - 8elcher

Facebook - Chris Belcher




'I'm 9 years old and an all round angler. I fish mainly for Carp but I also fish for Barbel, Chub, Pike, and anything else that comes my way!  I’ve been fishing with my dad since I was 4 and he’s been teaching me everything he knows. I love fishing rivers more than lakes but enjoy fishing still waters as well.


I’ve caught Barbel to 8lb 4oz, Pike to 11lb, Zander to 5lb & Tench to 7lb.  I’ve also fished in Thailand & caught Siamese Carp, Redtails, Stingrays, Pacu, Julians Carp and lots of other species. I just enjoy fishing with my dad and being out in the fresh air enjoying bank life.'

PB Common 28lb

PB Mirror 38lb 7oz

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'I’m an all round angler & love my fishing. My grandad taught me when I was young & I’ve been fishing since I was 5. I’ve fished all types of waters & I’ve caught Carp in Thailand up to 152lb and Mekong Catfish to 180lb. My main fishing now is with my daughter Sophie on the River Lea for Carp and Barbel. We have both caught some beautiful river Carp. I love teaching her and watching her grow into a top angler, so most of the time I’m helping her but I sneak the odd nice one out from time to time.'  

PB Common 35lb

PB Mirror 42lb

Facebook - David Williams



'I started fishing when I was 7 years old and began Carp fishing when I was 10. I am now 14  and extremely eager to learn more to improve my all round angling.

I manage to get in at least one session per week but occasionally get out up to 4 times (depending on school). I also enjoy using my social media for posting my captures and rig videos. '

PB Common 25lb

PB Mirror 29lb

French PB36lb

Instagram - wlscarplife

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I have been fishing for carp for thirty years and still get the excitement of going to catch all sizes of carp. I also like to do a bit of Predator and River fishing during the year, this is where I learnt my skills in my early years. Being in the tackle trade you can see the quality of the Carplife products, from tea making to using the CarpLife Fire Pit to keep warm during a cold winter session. If you see me on the bank I will be happy to put the kettle on!

PB common 49 lb 12 oz Norfolk
PB Mirror. 46 lb 2 oz


Instagram - Keithwilliams_carp_angler