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Bivvy Loo Green

Bivvy Loo Green

Introducing the CarpLife Bivvy Loo, the ultimate portable toilet designed to offer convenience and comfort during your outdoor adventures. With its unique features, this toilet sets a new standard for functionality and portability.

Featuring a comfortable oval seat, the Bivvy Loo ensures a pleasant experience even in remote locations. When not in use, it conveniently folds down to a mere 2 inches in height, making it incredibly compact for storage and transportation.

Constructed with a strong steel axis frame, the Bivvy Loo provides stability and can support over 150kg, ensuring durability and peace of mind. Despite its robust build, it weighs just 2.4kg, making it lightweight and easy to carry.

Setting up the Bivvy Loo is a breeze—it pops up and folds down in seconds, saving you time and effort. Its hygienic and clean design ensures a sanitary experience, while the zipped, weatherproof case with a carry handle keeps everything secure and protected during transport.

The removable, wipeable fabric adds to the convenience, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. Plus, with the included 40 biodegradable wipes, you have an added hygiene measure at your disposal.

For waste management, the Bivvy Loo includes 12 compostable and biodegradable liner bags. These bags are designed to be used within 9 months of purchase, providing an eco-friendly solution for waste disposal. Additionally, 12 sachets of waste managing powder are included to assist in odor control and waste decomposition.


When packed away the Bivvy Loo measures 39 x 34 x 5cm.

Popped up it measures 39 x 34 x 25.

Lid available as optional extra.

Ideal For Fishing, Camping, Festivals, Lorry Divers, Couriers, Builders, Keeping in the Car for Emergencies, Potty Training


To set up the Bivvy Loo, hold it on its side with the seat in one hand and the base in the other. Pull the top and bottom apart (like an accordion). The reach into the centre, locate the 4 steel hinges and simply push them into place (no need to unzip the inner liner). Then insert your bag and fold it over the seat.

  • Returns Policy

    If you are in any way dissatisfied with your Bivvy Loo please contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will be happy to offer an exchange or refund.

    Please note Bivvy Loo is a hygiene product and we cannot accept returns if the product has been used (unless the product is faulty).


VAT Included
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