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Bivvy Loo Super Absorbent Powder

Bivvy Loo Super Absorbent Powder

Discover the ultimate solution for managing liquid waste during your outdoor adventures with the CarpLife Bivvy Loo Super Absorbent Powder. Each 1kg bag of this specially formulated powder is designed to revolutionize your portable toilet experience.

With just 10g of powder, you can convert approximately 1 litre of liquid waste into a convenient gel, making it easier to handle and dispose of. Say goodbye to messy and unpleasant experiences—our Super Absorbent Powder ensures a more hygienic and manageable solution.

Each bag contains enough powder for over 100 uses of a portable toilet, providing exceptional value and long-lasting effectiveness. Whether you're camping, fishing, or engaging in any outdoor activities that require a portable toilet, the CarpLife Bivvy Loo Super Absorbent Powder is your reliable companion.

Designed for compatibility with all bag-style portable toilets, our powder is versatile and suitable for various setups. You can trust its performance in any situation, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable experience no matter where you are.

For your peace of mind, please ensure you use the powder within 5 years of purchase, maintaining its optimal effectiveness.

Upgrade your outdoor toileting experience with CarpLife Bivvy Loo Super Absorbent Powder. Say goodbye to liquid waste troubles and embrace a more convenient and hygienic solution for your portable toilet needs.


Keep out of reach of children and animals



    VAT Included
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