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CarpLife Eclipse Camo Brew Kit/Cookware Bag

CarpLife Eclipse Camo Brew Kit/Cookware Bag

Introducing the CarpLife Brew Kit Bag in a sleek and stylish Camo design. 


Inside the CarpLife Camo Brew Kit Bag, you'll find four food-grade pots specifically designed for tea, coffee, sugar, and seasoning. Alongside them, you'll discover a sophisticated black etched tea spoon and a soft microfibre hand towel for added convenience.


Experience the ultimate in bag design with our CarpLife Brew Kit Bag, crafted with upgraded 900D Oxford Camo fabric. This bag is not only incredibly durable but also features reinforced CarpLife Zips, ensuring longevity and reliability both inside and out.

Inside this remarkable bag, you'll discover a clear inner pocket, providing additional storage space for sachets and other small items. Say goodbye to rummaging around for your essentials - now everything is easily visible and accessible.

Despite its compact dimensions of only 34 x 25 x 20cm, the CarpLife Brew Kit Bag is ingeniously spacious. This means you can fit an impressive amount of CarpLife items inside, ensuring you have everything you need for your outdoor adventures.

Upgrade to the  CarpLife Brew Kit Bag, the compact yet incredibly spacious solution for all your storage needs. With its durability, smart design, and remarkable capacity, this bag will become an indispensable companion on your outdoor adventures.

    VAT Included
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